CEO’s Message

Director, Representative Executive Officer & President NAGINO, Norikatsu

While recent drastic technological innovations including IT/AI accelerate further convenience in our lives, some of these technologies already outperform humans’ capabilities and capacities as observed in the specific areas such as automation for efficiency and optimization or data prediction, and become the solutions for resource shortage.

At the same time, the social issues which companies have been tackling are getting more complex and difficult to solve. Most of these social issues are deeply embedded in ourselves or human lives, therefore, technology alone cannot be fundamental solutions.

I believe that people, organization, corporations, nations, and groups of nations need to be aligned together with the common will to overcome big challenges of social issues, and leverage their own uniqueness like technology, scheme, and structure for creating new things or ideas as solutions.

In this context, it is generally perceived that correct information, understanding and judgement are the essential factors needed to realize. Such perceptions tend to make us gather correct information, explain, and settle in conclusions which can have consensus by majority. This is just like AI robots which just mechanically acquire massive data, crunch data for optimal answers, and display these answers. The fact I believe is that the true answers are not always findable merely through data collection alone.

I became aware that great ideas, schemes, or structures lie in the countless communications with our diversified stakeholders, such as deals with client companies or financial institutions, investments, meetings with entrepreneurs or company managements. I also perceive that not every great ideas, schemes, or structures are in the right conditions unleashing their greatness.

I am pursuing the ideal world where valuable ideas or things come springing up, the world where those with empathy can come together, enhance each other through competition, and inspire new ideas or things. We, Scala Group, embrace aspiration to be a platform of this world.

I am willing to make Scala Group to be the platform for our clients, our users, our shareholders, our employees and their family members, or anyone who embraces certain relations with Scala Group, the platform which encourages new ideas or things, works as their base, boosts their value creation, and unleash their potential.

In my idea, the ideal AI is the one which captures mankind’s continuously changing knowledges and experiences (a continuous sequence of recognition, inspiration and action) as well as their surroundings, predicts the future with certain accuracy, reacts promptly, contemplates occasionally, and leads us to new ideas or potentials.

Just as AI robots cannot make right judgements with knowledges alone, humans cannot judge either with school education alone. We as humans cannot make judgements without developing five senses and athletic capabilities in childhood, accumulating experiences through communications with others, or occasional trainings as well as school education. This is the solid case for adults too, not only for children. We, Scala Group, are highly committed to do what corporations shall do for mankind evolution and children who forge the future.