Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Scala, Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”), as a company that provides services for date gathering and utilizing of personal information entrusted from customers, recognizes the important social responsibility of information security, and as an important management issue, undertakes to strengthen the information security management system and to property use personal information.

About appropriate gathering, utilizing, management of personal information

  • 1-1.We observe the relevant laws and regulations, and we adopt countermeasures against risk such as leakage, falsification, loss and destruction of personal information based on Company’s personal information protection policy.
  • 1-2.When we outsource the work of handling personal information, we set the way of handling personal information in the contract and properly manage and monitor the outsourcing company.
  • 1-3.When gathering personal information directly, we inform the purpose before gathering and utilizing.

About purpose of utilizing personal information

  • 2-1.When gathering and utilizing personal information in services entrusted by us, we don’t use the information for any purpose other than providing services entrusted based on a contract signed with a customer.
  • 2-2.We may inform our services and products to the contract which customers gave us when they request our documents, inquire or use our services from our website, e-mail, telephone and so on. If customers don’t need their information from us by mail, e-mail and so on, we will cancel these guidance by offer from customers.
  • 2-3.We don’t provide personal information provided by customers to third parties unless we receive an instruction or inquiry document based on the law and regulations , outsource our work.

Last revised in December 1, 2016
Scala, Inc.
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