Corporate and Management Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Demonstrate ethical values

In all corporate activities, we act with social ethical reflection and discernment.

Fulfill social responsibility

Recognizing the social nature of a company and responding to the requests of various stakeholders, we contribute to the maintenance and development of society.

Prosper forever

The goal is to grow long-term and steadily to contribute to the future of Japan in 10 years and 50 years from now.

Management Philosophy

Contribute to the happiness and prosperity of all mankind

Scala make the world where valuable things come springing up

By providing a wide range of services that promotes communication between people and between companies and people, we discover valuable people, assets, and information. Additionally, by delivering to those who recognize their value in a timely manner and by fully supporting information sharing to the world, we aim to contribute to people’s the happiness and prosperity of all mankind.

Also, by discovering the people who recognize value and by delivering this to them at the right time, values are properly compared and things with higher value remain in the world. By pursuing a world with accelerated processes of creating greater value, we aim to solve various social problems, create technologies that lead to the evolution of humankind and create a society full of value.

Scala make our business model a global standard

In addition, the Scala Group’s subscription-based business model has been adopted by businesses all over the world. By being recognized as spreading truly useful value to the world, we aim to make the Scala business model a global standard.

Scala will be a company that makes everyone’s dreams come true

Consequently, we provide unlimited possibilities to people (including employees) who have a strong will to realize their dreams; they continue to challenge business that are new/ interested in us/ skilled ,without worrying about failure, and achieve a higher chance of success; they aim to fulfill all dreams by indirectly contributing to the maintenance and development of society not only for employees, but also family members, friends, peers, shareholders, customers, and local communities that share the same will.

Become an ideal company for the world

Pursuing ultimate social good

As a role to be fulfilled, the mission is to “become an ideal company for the world.” Due to the richness of science and technology and discovering new and old social problems, we contribute not only to direct social contributions in the IT business domain, but also indirectly to people’s happiness. We aim to contribute to solving not only Japanese issues, but also global issues as well as to the prosperity of mankind.

Uncovering unnoticed true values

In such a role, we discover the true value that is easily hidden by using Scala Group’s unique mechanism, breaking down hurdles, so to speak, by activating the “Value Incubation Cycle”, we will accelerate the speed of world development, and “uncover unnoticed true values”.

Facilitating communications

From achieving individual happiness, to achieving the happiness of society as a whole, we will bring together the capabilities of the entire Scala group, maximize the value created, and support it to spread widely throughout the world. The Scala Group’s business model itself is the greatest value of the Group, and we aim to become a value incubation that leads to the happiness of Scala employees and all those related to the Group.

Incubating values / Making SCALA a global company

This business model is unprecedented, subscription-based and has evolved from the “hospitality” spirit that is unique to Japan. Additionally, this model solicits value and encourages friends and comrades to talk about their dreams and passions. And by acting boldly and coordinating systematically to expand to the world, we will become the world’s Scala Group, aiming to become the world’s top business with this new business model using IT.

Provide unlimited possibilities for those who continue to challenge anything

Being adherence to dreams

We provide unlimited possibilities for those who continue to challenge anything. We motivate our employees to be able to grow and realize their own happiness by linking what they can do to their dreams and ambition because they are in our Group. Also, we execute specific steps by calculating backwards from the goal and adhering to achieving the goal. We always compare reality with big goals and plans, clarify the gap, and repeat the PDCA cycle for the issues to be addressed. The Scala Group values the importance of staying on goal to realize big dreams, while surpassing the current situation, past successful experiences, existing concepts, and vested interests.

Being fair and square

In addition, we do the correct job with high ethical standards. We focus on creating an environment in which we can accomplish big things this cannot be accomplished alone because if we are taking the correct actions, we will have people who understand and collaborate with us.

Never giving up

We believe that realizing what others cannot do easily is the root of the Scala Group’s growth, and we believe that an abundant environment in which we can thoroughly pursue the possibilities of “I can!” will lead to personal growth. This sentiment is the “Scala Value” and we emphasize “never giving up.”

Boosting each other

We believe that because we all have a strong desire to achieve great goals, we are able to respect, work together, and improve. This will lead to the growth of the Scala Group and everyone who is gathered there, and in collaboration with companies that share the same objectives, we aim to challenge the world with an organized subscription-based business model to achieve top success.

Our stock-type business model is based on the idea that trust, experience, know-how, and results are accumulated through communication between people and companies, which creates new value and leads to the growth of people and companies.

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